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Relationship Counseling American Fork UT

Life today presents a wide variety of challenges that can impact our relationships. These challenges can cause us to lose the sense of closeness we desire with the people who matter most to us. The relationship therapists at Relate Counseling can help. Our experienced staff provides marriage, couples, and family counseling to clients in American Fork and the surrounding area.


Our therapists also provide couples counseling for those dating, living together, or considering marriage. Couples therapy can help couples who are struggling in their interactions, as well as couples simply looking to improve their communication and understanding in order to prevent future problems.

Additionally, we offer other forms of relationship counseling, including co-parenting, family, and conflict resolution therapy. We also specifically treat anxiety, depression, addiction, stress, trauma, grief and other personal issues.


Engaged or otherwise committed couples can also often benefit from couples therapy. Our couples therapists have helped many couples through the rough spots in their relationships so they can find healing and happiness. 

Whether engaged, living together, or married, relationships often suffer from many of the same issues. Couples in American Fork argue about the same things couples argue about across the country: money, in-laws, sex, children, the division of labor, etc. Don’t wait for these problems to work themselves out — get couples therapy. 


Challenges also often arise in other family relationships, such as between parents and children or between members of a blended family. Our LMFTs and AMFTs provide family counseling for American Fork families dealing with a variety of relationship issues. 

Some growing pains with children and teens are expected in any family, but when these problems escalate to higher levels of conflict, debilitating mental illness, trouble in school, behavioral issues, or when children face the impacts of grief or trauma, it’s time to involve a relationship therapist. Our relationship counselors can help your family get to the root of your family’s issues and get back on track. 


When your relationships are suffering, other areas of your life can suffer as well. Your self-esteem can take a hit. You may find yourself facing eating difficulties, drinking alcohol excessively, using drugs, or turning to other unhealthy habits to deal with the pain. Rest assured our relationship counselors can help with all these issues. 

We treat anxiety, depression, addiction, trauma, stress, and so much more. We’re located in Pleasant Grove, just minutes from American Fork, making attending therapy sessions easy. We also offer telehealth visits. 

Relate Counseling in American Fork, UT, is your trusted partner in navigating the complexities of relationships. Our relationship counseling services are designed to provide a safe and supportive space for couples and individuals seeking to improve their connections and find solutions to relational challenges.

Our experienced therapists at Relate Counseling understand that relationships can face various hurdles, from communication issues to trust issues and beyond. We offer evidence-based approaches tailored to your unique needs, fostering open and honest communication while providing practical tools to enhance your relationship. Whether you’re experiencing difficulties in your marriage, family dynamics, or personal relationships, we are here to help you build healthier and more fulfilling connections.

At Relate Counseling, our mission is to empower you to overcome obstacles, strengthen your bonds, and cultivate a more harmonious and loving environment. We believe that with the right support and guidance, individuals and couples can find greater happiness and resilience in their relationships. Let us be your ally on the path to healthier, more fulfilling connections in American Fork, UT.

For immediate help, call 988 or go to your nearest emergency room.

We named our practice Relate Counseling because relationships are the foundation of our sense of belonging and security.

with one of our relationship counselors and start feeling more confident about your future.