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Couple and Family Therapy Highland

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, challenges in our relationships become too overwhelming to handle on our own. We may start to feel disconnected from the people who matter most to us, and we may even start to feel hopeless about a path forward. With the help of the experienced relationship therapists at Relate Counseling, you can begin to find hope again. We provide quality marriage counseling, couples therapy, and family counseling for people in Highland and the surrounding area.


Marital relationships are where we form some of our strongest bonds, but that also means they can be the source of profound pain when problems arise that threaten this bond. Despite their love for each other, couples often get stuck in negative communication patterns or face other problems such as conflict resolution difficulties, infidelity, mental health struggles, and addiction. If you are feeling stuck with any of these or other marital difficulties, marriage therapy can help. Our marriage therapists can help you heal your wounds and work toward greater security in your relationships. 


Committed couples of any kind – dating, engaged, living together – may also get stuck in negative patterns and need the help of a couples therapist to make changes. Our couples therapists have the experience to help couples in the Highland area with a wide variety of challenges they face. Couples counseling can you learn more about yourself, experience your relationship in new ways, and discover paths forward.


Aside from couples counseling, we also offer family therapy for challenges that arise among parents and children, siblings, or other family members. Sometimes our relationship therapists may help with current challenges, such as conflict difficulties with a teen, grief, or recent trauma, and other times these may be long-standing wounds and strained relationships. Reaching out to a relationship counselor shows your commitment to your family members, and the family therapy process can help you find greater connectedness in your relationships.


Relationships can be impacted by many things – anxiety, depression, other mental health challenges, stress, addiction, grief, abuse, and other trauma. Finding healing within yourself can impact your relationships, and finding healing in your relationships can help you with your personal challenges. 

At Relate Counseling, we understand that strong relationships are the foundation of a fulfilling life. That’s why we offer expert couples counseling and family therapy services to help you and your loved ones navigate the challenges that arise in relationships. Our experienced therapists create a safe and supportive environment where you can openly communicate, gain insights, and work towards resolving conflicts.

In couples counseling, we focus on strengthening the connection between partners, improving communication, and addressing issues such as trust, intimacy, and conflict resolution. Our goal is to help you build a more harmonious and resilient partnership. In family therapy, we work with families to improve dynamics, resolve conflicts, and foster better understanding among family members. Whether you’re facing issues related to parenting, blended families, or other family dynamics, we’re here to provide the guidance and tools you need to create a healthier, happier family life. At Relate Counseling, we’re dedicated to helping you nurture meaningful relationships and create a more fulfilling future together.

Our relationship counselors can help, whether with marriage counseling, couples therapy, family counseling, or individual therapy. Our office is minutes away from Highland, and telehealth visits are also available.

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