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We offer co-parenting best practices and counseling services to improve your working relationship for your child(ren)’s benefit. 

Our couples therapist teaches divorcing or separating parents techniques for working more harmoniously to raise their children together. Relationship therapy can make a big difference while family dynamics change and your child(ren) adjust to their new normal. 


Self-esteem, self-image, self-worth, and having a sense of self are all important parts of mental, emotional, and physical health. To help increase self-esteem, we focus on ways to meet emotional needs and create a safe and positive support system. 

While this may seem like an inherently individual issue, relationship counseling can often aid in the development of healthy self-esteem. Our therapists teach clients how to balance the way they view themselves with the way they are viewed by others in order to maintain their emotional well-being. 


While some anxiety is normal, intense amounts can be overwhelming and significantly impact your ability to thrive. We help you better manage your anxiety by identifying and processing underlying causes and helping you connect with those experiences to meet your personal and emotional needs. 

If you or your child is suffering from anxiety, contact the therapists at Relate Counseling of American Fork today. We can help you understand your emotional experience and regain your sense of peace. 


Your personal safety is our first priority. Sometimes it’s difficult to understand the depth and impact suffering has on our lives. We start where you are, together, and offer hope that things can get better. 

You don’t need to suffer on your own. Call the therapists at Relate Counseling of American Fork, Utah, and make an appointment to begin your path to healing. 

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Whether you are grieving due to the death of a loved one, the end of a relationship, or the loss of a dream, our therapists are here to help you through your grieving process. Grief looks different for each person, and our therapists will support you in your individual needs to feel emotional pain, grieve your loss, and create new meaning.

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After an adverse or traumatic event, it can be hard to see a way forward. We will support and help you through your healing process. Research shows that, “The best predictor of the effects of trauma is not trauma history, it is whether a person can seek comfort… (Johnson, 2002).” Meeting with a licensed, trained therapist is one of the best ways to seek comfort after a traumatic event.  

By making a call to our counseling practice, you show incredible bravery and effort in moving towards healing. 

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Relate Counseling of American Fork, Utah, provides wellness/workplace trainings on a variety of topics. Employees who are supported in their physical and mental health are better equipped to complete their workplace responsibilities. Our therapists teach employees important workplace skills such as conflict resolution, coping with stress, and advocating for their needs. 

Please submit an inquiry/request on our contact page for additional information. 

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We believe that stress can be your friend and is your body’s way of expressing its needs. However, too much stress can interfere with your ability to function successfully. 

Our therapists can help you to effectively manage stress from work, family, or other areas through increasing your awareness of your emotional needs and developing appropriate coping skills. 

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Addictions and unwanted habits wreak havoc and leave a wake of damaging effects. We treat addictions and help people find healthy ways of coping with triggers. 

Whether your addiction is alcohol, drugs, pornography, social media or something else, our counselors can help. Shame and fear prevent too many people from getting the addiction counseling they need. Take the first step towards healing and call the therapists at Relate Counseling of American Fork, Utah. 

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Our counselors have expertise in employee assistance and in interpersonal relationships. Relationship therapy can help with conflict resolution skills that will assist you in all relationships, whether you are experiencing conflict at work, at home, or in other settings. Conflict resolution is key in creating effective communication and a positive environment. 

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