Now offering virtual appointments!


At Relate Counseling, we also offer online therapy through a secure platform. Whether you’re in need of individual therapy, marriage counseling, couples therapy, or relationship counseling, online counseling can increase the convenience of meeting for therapy if you are unable to come to our office. The content of teletherapy sessions are very similar to those held in person; you can expect your therapist to cover the same policies and topics.

The format of virtual therapy sessions are different, however, in a few ways. You will need to ensure that you are in a private location with a secure internet connection. Your therapist will also be in a private location and will wear headphones to ensure confidentiality. If it is your first session, your therapist may ask to verify your identification as well as your physical location to establish safety.

Each of our therapists have hundreds of hours of experience conducting online therapy. We have seen a variety of clients find greater security, healing, and meaning in their relationships through counseling online.

Please reach out using the information on our Contact page if you feel that you could benefit from either in-person or online therapy.