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Couples Therapy Orem UT

At Relate Counseling, our experienced therapists can help you with your family and couple relationships in Orem, Utah, and surrounding Utah County areas. We use Emotionally Focused Therapy, a model founded by Dr. Sue Johnson. It is often called the “gold standard” of couples counseling because of the evidence-based research that shows positive outcomes in treatment.

Our marriage therapists have many hours of experience working with couples and are experts in the steps and stages that can help strengthen bonds in relationships and create secure attachments. Our specialty is couples counseling and marriage therapy, but we can also help with individual and family counseling. Our practice also offers workplace trainings and group therapy upon request.


Challenges in marriage and family relationships are common. We are here to help you navigate these complex and sometimes overwhelming situations. Our therapists’ experience dealing with various family situations will prove helpful as they assist you in your relationship challenges. Whether it is substance abuse, addiction, infidelity or something else, our couples therapists have experience, training and the ability to help guide you. Some couples seek marital counseling before they get married. At Relate Counseling in American Fork, Utah, we can also help you as you navigate this major life decision. Addiction, substance abuse, anxiety, depression and previous marriage relationships can all impact a couple as they prepare for marriage. We are a marriage therapy clinic but we can also help couples as they prepare for marriage. If you or a family member in Orem, Utah, is going through a relationship challenge, we can help. Couples counseling is our specialty area and we have lots of experience with these cases. Relationships have a significant impact on all areas of life and guidance from a professional therapist can help you in your healing process.


Our new location is very close to the American Fork hospital and is in a brand new building. We are located on the first floor with easy access to the parking lot and we are also wheelchair accessible. Please see our Contact page for our address, map and directions. This location is very close to many cities in Utah County, such as Orem, Utah, for all of your couples counseling and marriage therapy needs.

Virtual therapy continues to be popular with clients seeking marriage therapy, individual therapy and family therapy. Evening appointments for couples counseling are also available at our new American Fork location. We have a page on our website with more information about Virtual Therapy and how it compares to in-person therapy. Whatever your preference for meeting, Relate Counseling has marriage therapists in Orem, Utah, who are able to help you.


If you are new to therapy, we have a page on our website describing what to expect at that first session. You will learn what the therapist will ask and how the process of couples counseling works. If you have any questions, please send us an email, give us a call or send a text to our main number. A member of our staff will reply to you.