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Beginning therapy often feels simultaneously relieving and intimidating. At Relate Counseling, our therapists want you to feel comfortable knowing what you can expect when you begin meeting with us, whether individually, as a couple, or with members of your family.


Research shows that one of the best markers of success in therapy is the relationship between client and therapist. Just like any other relationship, it will take time for your therapist to understand you, your context, and your hopes for change. This understanding begins in the very first session. When you first meet with a therapist at Relate Counseling, you can expect them to review legal limits to confidentiality as well as other practice policies. Your therapist will then spend the rest of the session asking questions to better understand you and to begin to formulate a plan for your treatment. Below are typical topics that your therapist will address:
  • Why you decided to come to therapy at this time
  • What is occurring in your life that is causing you distress
  • What are you hoping to learn or change about yourself and your relationships
  • Which relationships in your life are most meaningful for you
  • How you normally act in relationships (with family, friends, romantic partners, etc.)
  • What your prior (if any) experiences with therapy have been like

You may spend a considerable amount of time exploring these and other relevant topics, often into your second or third session. If you are seeking relationship therapy as a couple or family, your therapist may take some time to meet with each client individually. Your therapy will be best served if you are honest and trusting of the process.

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