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Romance movies, novels, and fairytales coupled with social media influence can lead to very high expectations of married life when you find your soulmate. These expectations often lead to hurt, disappointment, and frustration when the gap between what we expect out of marriage vs. what happens. Marriage counseling can help moderate the difference between expectations and reality within pre-marriage couples, newlyweds, parents, and empty nester relationships.


Marriage Counseling through Relate Counseling near Vineyard, Utah, is not only designed for legally married couples. We see clients, including couples who plan on getting married. In addition to planning a blissful wedding day, couples can benefit from preparing for a lifetime of companionship. We specialize in Emotionally Focused Therapy, one of the most effective therapies for couples to help our clients resolve issues in their relationships before they commit to marriage or set relationship goals because those issues tend to carry on through the cause of the relationship if left unaddressed. We create an environment where these couples can discuss and negotiate expectations of responsibilities, finances, and more.


Marriage counseling has effectively prevented marital problems if pursued early in a marriage. Newlyweds have sexual, emotional, or financial expectations when beginning a marriage that, when not communicated, can lead to resentment and disappointment in their partner. You can expect to address these in marriage counseling near Vineyard, Utah, through Relate Counseling. Our experienced therapists will create a neutral and unbiased atmosphere where newlyweds can learn to build a happy union with their partner despite disagreements, problems, changing roles, and responsibilities.


Raising children can be hard on a relationship, especially when couples don’t agree on how to raise them. At Relate Counseling, our team of professionals can create a safe environment for you and your partner to address disagreements on parenting styles and establish common goals that can help manage the expectations of each individual. The Emotionally focused approach involves discussing specific, distressing needs and expectations within the marriage. These discussions help couples express their needs and expectations and learn one another’s needs and expectations to improve parenting skills.

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In recent years, there has been an increase in divorce rates for couples who have been married for 30-plus years. Many of these break-ups happen after the child-raising years. Couples suddenly find themselves as twosome but feel disconnected from each other because they spend so much time and energy on the children and little on each other. We offer marriage counseling near Vineyard, Utah, to empty nesters still determining where to take their relationship. Our therapists can guide you to increase intimacy and connection, enjoy spending time together again as a married couple, and help you set new expectations moving forward.

Marriage therapy can help couples, no matter what stage they are in, to communicate their expectations. Expectations can help shape the dynamic and tone and nourish an atmosphere of support and safety. In therapy, we can help you distinguish between reasonable and unreasonable expectations to avoid unmet needs, emotional distress, and impossible standards.