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Our Story

I believe in the family. Family is the symbol of what I want for my children, community, and society as a whole. We are all part of the human family. Relate Counseling was founded on the belief that people all share a common need to belong and feel connected. Staying connected is vital for mental, emotional, and physical health. Without it we get sick. Today, it’s easy to see the increasing influences that threaten to divide these relationships and affect our mental health. For many, challenges in family life are a source of tremendous pain and heartache.

However, it’s clear that across culture, race, religion, sexual orientation, and other distinguishing demographics there are universal values of kindness, compassion, love, and honesty that exist throughout the world. These values can help unite us. Because of this, our mission at Relate Counseling is “to help people find healing in their couple and family relationships to create meaningful and secure connections.” We’re here to help people overcome barriers to closeness so they can literally feel more peace and comfort in their lives with the people that matter most. We invite you to click on our services page to see if you could benefit from marriage or couples counseling.

At Relate Counseling, we are sensitive to cases of abuse, infidelity, and other forms of betrayal trauma. Safety is our first priority. We assess for these circumstances and see prevention as a key factor in healing. We work to see that the appropriate level of care is given in each situation and maintain hope that in these serious cases things can get better.

We value excellence in mental health treatment and we are committed to improving your experience. To meet the highest standards of care, we have modeled our approach with evidence-based practices. Each of our relationship therapists has advanced clinical training in attachment science and Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) – the gold standard for couples treatment, founded by Dr. Sue Johnson. We also provide Emotionally Focused Family Therapy (EFFT) and Emotionally Focused Individual Therapy (EFIT). This makes us experts at identifying the most effective ways to help you shift areas of pain into areas of hope.
– Adam Anderson

What our clients say

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