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Marriage & Couples Counseling

Marriage Counseling in Utah and Florida

Marriage Counseling Utah and Flordia to help your relationship thrive!

Every couple has trials, but if you find yourself surviving more than you are thriving in your relationship, consider marriage or couples counseling. Whether you disagree about finances, your sex life, or over-addictions, our team of therapists can help.

What is marriage/couples counseling?

Marriage or couples counseling is a form of psychotherapy that focuses on improving romantic relationships through working with a therapist to explore issues in the relationship, improve communication, improve interaction, and resolve conflicts. You don’t have to feel out of control, or that your challenges are beyond repair. Our therapists train to deal with the toughest challenges. Couples counseling can feel scary even if you know you need help, but bringing in an outside perspective within a professional setting can help you through the hard times and give hope for the future.

Our therapists provide marriage counseling in Utah and Florida. Couples counseling can strengthen relationships, whether earlier or after struggling for years. For some couples, this may be the only hour you get during the week where you are focused on one another, free of distractions, and can start connecting.

Marriage Counseling Utah and Flordia

Why attend marriage/couples counseling?

Ongoing relationship distress can harm an individual’s mental and physical well-being. It can also negatively impact the kids. Conflict in a relationship is isolating. It is easy to start feeling distant, disconnected, and insecure.

Conflict leads to things being said that can hurt us to our core. You can learn healthy ways to disagree without getting into personal conflict. Often, couples get stuck in negative communication cycles without realizing what that cycle is, let alone how to break it. In counseling, you will learn words or phrases that trigger you or your partner, escalating a disagreement. You can also expect to learn ways to express yourself appropriately and move towards a resolution.

Our marriage counseling in Utah and Florida prepares you to face future conflicts independently without requiring a therapist. Research shows that couples therapy positively impacts 70% of those receiving treatment and has been shown to make a difference between working through things or getting divorced.

Couples & Marriage Counseling Utah and Flordia

When to attend marriage/couples counseling?

Relationship counseling is not only for couples on the brink of divorce. Relationship counseling is most effective before things get terrible. Some couples consider pre-marital counseling to learn conflict resolution before it even starts. Others wait until they are a couple of years in, and others remain until something has to change. 

You may be delaying seeking relationship or marriage counseling  because you fear admitting something is wrong in the relationship, especially when you don’t know what it is, or you hope to pretend the issues don’t exist will make them go away, or maybe you have been convinced yourself that your partner is the reason you are having problems or the cliché “if it is meant to be it will be.” But the longer you delay getting help, the more profound the issues become and the greater the damage. So don’t wait for things to get nasty. Start building those healthy relationship skills now that will be useful when times get hard.

Who can benefit from Couples Counseling?

Couples counseling is appropriate for two adults who experience too much conflict in their relationship. Despite your living arrangements, how long you have been together, or your sexual orientation, you can benefit from therapy. You can benefit from counseling if you feel lonely in your relationship, feel like you’ve fallen out of love, feel like you can’t trust your partner, aren’t feeling satisfied with your sexual relationship, don’t know how to address affairs, abuse, and addictions, have conflicting parenting styles, can’t agree on finances, and more. One of our trained therapists can support you in implementing strategies and tools that improve your communication.

In marriage counseling and couples therapy, we equip couples with the tools they will need to communicate with more compassion and validate one another. We help everyone express their needs to feel seen and heard healthily. Our emotionally focused therapy (EFT) approach heavily regulates emotions to develop a bond and trust in the relationship. We help couples learn to identify and express their feelings in a supportive, safe environment. Our therapists teach clients to connect through vulnerability and empathy, ask for and respond to each other’s needs, and create positive, meaningful experiences.

What if you want to work on your relationship, but your partner wants to end things?

Being on different pages about a relationship can be confusing. In couples counseling, you gain clarity in determining whether to work on things or not by understanding how the relationship got to this point and each spouse’s contribution to the issues at hand.
It is common for one person in the relationship to be eager for change while the other is reluctant to come to therapy. Our trained professionals can meet you where you are and help you develop goals and expectations to satisfy both partners’ needs. Still, if you are unhappy or unfulfilled in your relationship and your partner refuses to come to therapy, please come anyway. A couple’s therapist can help you bring needed perspective to your relationship.

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