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15 Things to Rekindle Love in Marriage

15 things to rekindle love in marriage article featured image

Maintaining a spark in marriage is an enduring journey filled with ups and downs. As time passes, it’s common for couples to encounter phases where the emotional connection feels distant. Yet, the essence of a fulfilling relationship lies in the continuous effort to rekindle love in marriage. Emphasizing this aspect, here are 15 evidence-based strategies to breathe new life into your marital relationship.


Whether couples can rekindle love in marriage is an enduring one, striking at the heart of countless unions through time. Relationships, particularly marital ones, are complex, evolving entities that, like living organisms, need care, attention, and sometimes, revitalization. The commitment to rekindle love in marriage is both a comforting promise and a practical goal for those looking to breathe new life into their partnership.


Several factors can contribute to the cooling off of emotions within a marriage. Recognizing these can be the first step towards healing.

Loss of Communication

When partners stop genuinely sharing their thoughts, feelings, and concerns, they drift apart. Poor communication breeds misunderstandings and can escalate conflicts, pushing the couple further into isolation.

Neglecting Emotional Needs

Every individual has emotional needs they hope will be fulfilled by their partner, such as feeling loved, appreciated, and supported. Neglect in these areas can lead to feelings of loneliness and resentment.


Infidelity is a significant breach of trust and can deeply wound the foundation of a marriage. Rebuilding trust after such an event requires effort, transparency, and time.

Life’s Stressors

External pressures, including financial strain, work stress, and familial obligations, can distract couples from nurturing their relationship. Over time, the cumulative effect of these stressors can diminish the romance and connection.


1. Prioritize Quality Time Together

Experts stress the importance of spending quality time with your partner. Psychology Today underscores that engaging in mutual activities can significantly increase marital satisfaction. Quality time could be a regular date night, weekend retreats, or undistracted time to engage with one another.

2. Actively Communicate

Open, honest communication is the cornerstone of every strong marriage. The Gottman Institute, a leader in marriage research, notes that positive communication patterns predict marital success. Practice active listening, share your feelings, and speak kindly to foster a deeper connection.

3. Express Gratitude

According to Dr. Gary Chapman, known for his work on “The 5 Love Languages,” showing appreciation is fundamental in any relationship. Regularly expressing thanks for even the small things your spouse does can create an atmosphere of appreciation and love.

4. Maintain Physical Intimacy

The role of physical intimacy in a marriage can’t be understated. Research published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior found that sexual frequency correlates with higher satisfaction in relationships. Touch, kisses, and sexual intimacy are key components that help to rekindle love in marriage.

5. Share Common Interests

Finding activities both enjoy brings a new level of excitement to the relationship. Kristen Mark, Ph.D., emphasizes the importance of shared activities for bonding. Engaging jointly in hobbies and pursuits unites the couple through shared experiences and joy.

6. Manage Conflicts Constructively

Healthy conflict resolution is key. According to Harvard Business Review, adopting a problem-solving attitude toward conflicts is essential for successful relationships. Learn to communicate issues without blame and work towards mutual resolutions to rekindle love in marriage.

7. Forgive Each Other

As psychologist Robert Enright highlights, forgiveness is a vital component of marriage. It’s about letting go of lingering bitterness to make room for compassion and love, allowing couples to move forward positively.

8. Develop Emotional Intimacy

To build emotional intimacy, couples should share their innermost thoughts and feelings. Dr. Sue Johnson, an advocate for Emotionally Focused Therapy, suggests this kind of sharing breeds closeness. Such vulnerability is crucial for maintaining a close bond.

9. Plan Your Future Together

Creating shared goals and dreams for the future can foster unity. Life coaches assert that common ambitions can bring couples closer together. Planning your life together ensures you are both heading in the same direction, renewing your commitment and excitement for what’s ahead.

10. Engage in Deep Conversations

Engaging in meaningful discussions has been associated with higher marital satisfaction, according to psychologist Arthur Aron’s studies on intimacy. Heartfelt talks can revive intimacy and help rekindle love in marriage.

11. Perform Acts of Kindness

A random act of kindness can be a delightful surprise that breaks your daily routine and enlivens your partner’s day. Such gestures show attention and care, which many professionals denote as fundamental to a loving relationship.

12. Encourage Individual Growth

Couples should encourage each other’s personal growth. Embracing change strengthens a marriage. Those in marriages that support one another’s individual development tend to be more satisfied in their relationship.

13. Take Care of Your Own Well-being

Personal well-being contributes to the health of the relationship. Taking care of your health, maintaining hobbies, and fostering friendships external to your marriage can make you a more engaged and attentive partner.

14. Seek Professional Help

For some, rekindling love in marriage may necessitate external assistance. Couples therapy, endorsed by the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, can provide tools for navigating relationship challenges. Guidance from a professional can help uncover new paths to love.

15. Commit to Sustained Effort

A spark rekindled calls for continuous tending. There are several studies indicate that persistent small positive acts can significantly increase marital happiness. Continuously invest in your relationship by maintaining these strategies to ensure your love remains aflame.


Despite best efforts, external guidance is sometimes needed to navigate tough patches. Here’s when seeking help might be the next right step:

Persistent Conflict

If disagreements become the norm rather than the exception, and resolution seems out of reach, it might be time to consider counseling. A professional can help mediate and offer new perspectives and strategies for conflict resolution.

Emotional Disconnection

Feeling emotionally disconnected despite attempts to communicate and spend quality time together might indicate deeper issues that a therapist could help unearth and address.

After an Affair

The aftermath of infidelity is often too complex for couples to handle alone. A counselor specializing in marital therapy can provide the framework for rebuilding trust and guiding the healing process.

Communication Breakdown

When communication has deteriorated to the point where productive, respectful conversations are rare, a neutral third party can facilitate healthier communication practices.


Rekindling love in marriage is about understanding, effort, and sometimes, acceptance that not all relationships can be salvaged in the way we hope. However, with dedication, many couples find their way back to a fulfilling marriage stronger for having weathered its trials.

Embrace the Journey Together

Remember, the goal is to grow closer and strengthen your bond. The journey to rekindle love in marriage is a collective quest, with both partners playing active roles. It’s about relearning, rediscovering, and sometimes conceding and compromising for the greater good of your shared life.

Celebrate Small Victories

Recognize and celebrate your progress, no matter how minor it may seem. Positive reinforcement can motivate further efforts toward rekindling your love.

Adapt and Evolve

Flexibility and the willingness to adapt are crucial. What worked for your marriage in the past might not be what will rekindle your love now. Be open to discovering new ways to connect and support each other.


Rekindling love in marriage requires intention and dedication. By embracing these 15 strategies, couples can re-ignite the affectionate bond that may have waned over time. Each approach, from spending quality time to seeking therapy, offers unique opportunities to strengthen your marital bond. It’s important to note that the efforts to rekindle love must be mutual and sustained to foster a resilient, joyful, and enduring marriage.

Implementing these actions can turn the flicker of a fading spark into a steady flame that sustains both partners through the journey of married life.

Above all, the process of rekindling love in marriage can serve as a rewarding venture, reestablishing lost affection and bringing about a profound appreciation for the partnership and shared life built together. If the sparks in your marriage seem dimmer or the distance between you and your partner feels too vast to bridge alone, remember, help is within reach.

15 things to rekindle love in marriage article featured image

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